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      ECHO Repeater Monitoring System ECHO-ERMS
  • Monitors both SIRIUS and XM Terrestrial Signals
  • Triggers Alarms based on Pre-Set Performance Levels
  • Records Alarm Events in Memory
  • Upgradeable Firmware 



The Echo Repeater Monitoring System (ERMS) is designed to continually monitor the health of the Sirius and XM signals and is typically installed at the output of the Echo Repeater. More specifically, the ERMS monitors Signal-to-Noise-Ratio (SNR), Bit-Error-Rate (BER), and Code Word Error Rate (CRER) statistics. When these statistics fall below pre-defined performance levels (as required by SiriusXM), the ERMS will trigger and communicate alarms via an RS-232 interface.  When statistics fall below pre-defined acceptable levels, the ERMS will generate a MAJOR alarm and will simultaneously raise a Shutdown Signal. The alarms are monitored by the Echo Repeater and a Shutdown signal will cause the Echo Repeater to turn off.

Internally, the ERMS contains a low band (LB) receiver and a high band (HB) receiver module (one for the XM signal and one for the Sirius signal). These receiver modules are quite similar to those found in vehicles and other SXM end-user devices. A built-in microprocessor continually monitors the health of the signals and reports an alarm when conditions deteriorate. The ERMS also contains a built-in event recorder which keeps a record of all alarm events as well as the date and time at which they occurred. The alarm history can be downloaded to a USB memory stick via the micro-USB connector on the front panel.


RF Parameters Specification (Sirius Band) Specification (XM Band)
Frequency Range 2326.25 MHz ±2.006 MHz 2338.755 MHz ±2.53 MHz
Input Range -10 dBm to -50 dBm
VSWR (Return Loss) 1.5:1 Max. (14 dB Min.)
Impedance 50 ohms 


General Characteristics  
Operating Voltage +7 VDC
Nominal Current at Rated Power 1A @ +7 VDC
Monitoring and Alarm Interface RS-232


Operating Temperature -40˚C to +65˚C
Enclosure NEMA 4X Weather Proof
MTBF >500,000 hours


RF Connectors 1 × 4.3-10 female
ECHO Repeater Connector Amphenol 6 pin C09131G100 Series
Event Recorder Interface Micro USB
Dimensions (w/o Mtg. Brackets or Connectors)(H×W×D) 6.89 × 4.80 × 2.09 in. (175.0 × 122.0 × 53.0 mm)
Weight 3.0 lbs (1.4 kg)
Mounting Mounting Ears for Surface Mount Installation; Mount Kit Supplied for piggyback Installation on ECHO Repeater
   ECHOERMS Outline
  ECHO-ERMS Outline Drawing


Pin Number Signal Description 
1 RS-232 ECHO Repeater to ERMS
2 RS-232 ERMS to ECHO Repeater
3 Shutdown +5V TTL Used by ERMS to Turn Off Repeater
4 TTL Ground Supplied by ERMS
5 +7 VDC Supplied by ECHO Repeater to power ERMS
6 Common Ground Supplied by ECHO Repeater
  ECHO Repeater Monitoring System (ERMS) Connector Pinout

Block Diagram

  ECHO-ERMS Block Diagram
  ECHOERMS Mounting
  Mounting of ECHO Repeater with Diplexer and ERMS Module


SCU-AISG2-3 AISG 2.0 Site Controller
BT-0723-DMDF-AG-O DIN-Male RF Port, DIN-Female RF+DC+AISG Port
BT-0723-DFDM-AG-O DIN-Female RF Port, DIN-Male RF+DC+AISG Port
BT-0723-DFDF-AG-O DIN-Female RF Port, DIN-Female RF+DC+AISG Port

Parts & Accessories

ECHO-ERMS ECHO Repeater Monitoring System

Standards & Compliance

Safety EN 60950-1, UL 60950-1
Emission EN 55022
Immunity EN 55024
Environmental IEC 60068-2-1, IEC 60068-2-2, IEC 60068-2-5, IEC 60068-2-6, IEC-60068-2-11, IEC 60068-2-14, IEC 60068-2-18, IEC 60068-2-27, IEC 60068-2-29, IEC 60068-02-30, IEC 60068-2-52, IEC 60068-2-64, IEC61000-4-5, GR-63-CORE 4.3.1, EN 60529 IP67, IP68


Antenna Interface Standards Group (AISG), Federal Communication Commission (FCC) Part 15 Class B, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Part 25*** CE, CSA US, ISO 9001
*** ≥2W EIRP w/DPO-2323-Sx Diplexer, or < 2W EIRP w/o DPO-2323-Sx
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